My Miranda

my miranda.jpg

My Miranda

5F, 4M, full length

In overlapping timelines, Miranda and her son Grayson caretake for a motel in upstate New York as a spaceship heads out to the cosmos to investigate a gravitational anomaly. Mei and Hal drop by the motel after their car breaks down, Young Grayson is stuck with his mentally ill mother Middle Miranda. Elder Hal and Elder Mei, completely untethered by the laws of physics, remark on how much has changed. 

Miranda is positive that she is stranded on earth due to a serious misstep in the universe. The play ends when Miranda finally leaves her life in the motel to return to her origin - a moon orbiting around our solar system’s seventh planet. The departure and then return of such large weights in the gravitational system leave Earth completely discombobulated - and its inhabitants without a linear progression of time.

Workshop at ArtChurch of West Philadelphia, winter 2018

Produced with Paige Zubel

Pictures by Paige Zubel and the NASA Goddard Space Flight

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