3F, 1M, full length one-act

During an unprecedented drought, Petra, a sixteen year old girl who lives with her mother, Rose, feels restless and stifled. Meanwhile, Rose begins sensing the arrival of a catastrophic, world-shattering event, and Petra finds companionship with her two neighbors: on one side, Mrs. Harmon, a cantankerous, gardening older woman; on the other side, Eddie, a troubled boy about her age. Her life before has been influenced only by her mother and the fairy-tale stories that she brought home, but her new friends’ thoughts and opinions begin to unravel Petra’s cloistered life and cause her to question everything. As Petra works out these questions by writing her own story, Rose’s intuition proves correct and an apocalyptic storm shatters their fairy-tale existence.

Production at Bennington College, April 2015

Directed by Krista Thorp

Photos by Eve Neuhart

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