Aviva in October


Aviva in October

5F, 1M, full length

Aviva is a young, pregnant Yeshiva Orthodox woman living in Sheepshead Bay. Her husband Eli is missing but Aviva knows that he’s run away from her, rendering her unable to seek a divorce and move forward in her life. So Aviva enlists the help of Javier, the neighborhood basketball player, who keeps popping up at the most inappropriate times. Aviva must navigate the rigid code of behaviors within the Orthodox community, her shrewd mother-in-law, Javier’s foolish charm, and the unfortunate buzzing of a community that’s as deeply connected as it is loving, unforgiving, supportive, and resolute.

Featured as a Jewish Plays Project 2016 National finalist

Winner of the 2016 Annual Midwestern Jewish Playwriting Competition out of Continuum Theatre in Chicago, IL

Photos by Quinn Dombrowski and Alison Day

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