It’s good to know what you’re about.

Here’s what I’m about:

  • I make work in a people-centered art-form. That’s what’s most important in any project.

  • I can’t afford to be lazy. Nothing is ever a give-in, and nothing is ever set in stone. Lazy art-making comes from lazy attitudes about the world.

  • It’s okay when things are ugly.

  • It doesn’t count as a success if I had to step on someone’s neck to get there.

  • I have to be honest. It’s just always going to feel better than the alternative.

  • I try to notice my impact. I try to notice my footprint. I try to be mindful of both.

  • It all bleeds together. My consensus organizing practice makes me a better playwright, and my playwriting makes me better at coalition building.

  • Everything’s political. That’s not an optional lens through which to see the world. Politics is personal.